Filtered shower heads are a great way to improve the health and safety in your home. They offer protection from several contaminants found in the water we drink and bathe in every day and help you to avoid risking your health. shower head filters for hard water

Many of us aren’t aware of the many contaminants that lurk in our shower water and use a standard shower head without considering the risks. The reality is that many of these contaminants have little or no scent or color and therefore draw far less focus than they deserve. This is especially true of chlorine, which has long been used as a purifying agent in the public water supply. Chlorine is actually a harmful contaminant, which negatively affects our health and can often lead to affects on our appearance as well. Find out more about Shower Heads For Hard Water here

Chlorine the Hidden Danger

Chlorine is one of the most dangerous and yet deliberately placed contaminants in the modern water supply. It is harmful when taken into the body in large doses and causes a range of health issues with prolonged exposure. While the chlorine in drinking water does not pose a serious threat, it is the chlorine present in our bathing water when we shower that is dangerous. Why is this? Because the water and the surrounding air are generally hot when we shower, our pores are more open and prone to deeper absorption. This means that the body draws in the highest amount of chlorine while exposed to the water of a shower. We also tend to breathe it into the lungs at this time as the heat of the water transforms it into a mist. Filtered shower heads are especially important to those with asthma and eczema who face stronger symptoms and more frequent attacks when exposed to this contaminant on a regular basis. You need a shower head filter to protect you from this risk.hard water shower head filters

Filtered shower heads offer us protection through the use of special media that prevents chlorine from traveling through the water and into our bodies as we bathe. Most filtered shower heads are made with a KDF type filter, this is because it can deal with high temperatures much better than filters made with carbon media and don’t allow the stored chlorine to drift into the water after enough time has passed for the filter to become less effective. KDF is made from equal parts zinc and copper resulting in a media that creates an electromagnetic charge that binds the chlorine to the zinc in the filter, making it a harmless zinc chloride. The resulting fresher, cleaner water leaves hair feeling soft and lustrous and skin feeling moisturized and healthy.

The long term effects of chlorine can lead to heart and lung problems, skin damage, hardening of the arteries and even a higher risk of developing some forms of cancer. By using a filtered shower head these health issues can be prevented and you’ll look and feel healthy. The feeling of a refreshing, clean shower will remain for longer and your health may even improve over what it had been before.